Guelph’s Water Consultation

Guelph's Water Consultation

Our company has deep roots in Guelph. Clean and abundant drinking water is as important to us as it is to every Guelph resident.

RVD and the City of Guelph are currently in a dispute over whether Guelph’s drinking water could be affected after the quarry closes, and concerns about potential interference with the City’s quantity of water down the road during the quarry’s operating life.

While we do not agree the quarry poses a risk to water quality, this agreement resolves the City’s concerns. The proposed solution would:


give the city control of the quarry’s water supply to address their long-term water quality concerns and


make available up to 11 million litres a day of ground water, which is currently used in quarry operations. Some of this water would be available to increase the city’s water supply.

The proposal also includes making the quarry lands part of Guelph, closing the quarry and replacing it with a new residential neighbourhood with parkland and trails that people can call home.

To ensure that they hear from the Guelph community before making any decision, the City of Guelph has launched a campaign to inform the community about the proposed solution and to ask for public input on the benefits and challenges of the proposal. The campaign will have opportunities to participate both in-person and online.

You can learn more about the consultation and the proposed solution at the city’s website.

We are pleased to be working collaboratively with the city to find a solution that works for everyone and look forward to participating in the process.